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Sometimes the nicest thing we can do for ourselves is to do something for another.

What would you like someone to do with you? 

Ask them. 




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March 2015
Longing to hear those 
3 words ...
Hint: They're not "I love you"




The 3 magic words are "I will help."

Try using them daily in any form and watch the reactions.

  • I can help.
  • I will help.
  • Can I help?
  • You'd like help?
  • Want a hand?
What's this got to do with being productive, effective and plain old happier?


When people understand you are willing to assist them, to take the time to support them, or even just hear what they have to say, their tension is reduced. Calm people are more effective than frustrated and tense people.

What's in it for you? Your focus turns toward them and away from what is often a habitually resistant or dismissive reaction to what they're talking about or asking for. Resistant attitudes are exhausting and limiting.

Teamwork occurs. Negativity disappears. Stalled projects are restarted. Miscommunications clear. Profits happen. People feel better. 

Sometimes you know just the thing to help them figure out a way to do something more easily. Offering a hand, even if it isn't your job and maybe especially if it isn't your job, helps people accomplish more and more quickly than if they're working solo. 

It's productivity personified. 

Valentine's Day has passed and the cards have been put away. Keep the spirit alive by saying those 3 precious words at least once a day and watch what happens.  Challenge your staff and your family to do the same and remember, if you're the leader, it's even more important for you to say it. 

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Weird Waste Time
Create spaciousness in your environment by ridding your surroundings of what a client calls "weird waste". 

It's the stuff that isn't appropriate for the recycling bin or the landfill and has been cluttering up the warehouse, storage closets and garage since last year.

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