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Questions Clients Ask
What should I do if I'm afraid to donate things because they might be valuable?
Most people overestimate the value of what they own. What you paid for it has little bearing on what someone else will pay for it now, especially if you bought something marketed as a "collectible."
Your choices:
~Keep and hope it'll fund your retirement
~Research on ebay
~Call an appraiser
~Contact an auctioneer
~Ask your accountant what your donations are worth for your tax bracket. 


Free, 1-2-3 Start-up
1  Phone discussion
What do you need?
  • Coaching
  • Accountability partner
  • Consulting
  • Organizing
2  Vent visit
Get it off your chest
  • Short onsite assessment for organizing clients within service area.
  • Coaching & Consulting clients skip to Step 3.
3  We discuss the path that's right for  you, then you decide. No risk! 

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3 Ways to Change 
Productivity-zapping Moods
Ever wonder why you can sometimes get things done quickly and yet other times spend forever and still not be finished? 
Do a mood check. What do you feel like?  When you're elated or excited about what you're doing, it's easier to focus.  When you're bored, sad, or upset it can be difficult to accomplish things, even those you want to do.
There are at least 3 ways to improve your mood and even though it might feel like they're wasting away precious time, they're actually saving time by reducing frustration and moving you to a more productive mood.


~Feel your body: Breathe in slowly and deeply, relax your shoulders, change the lighting or sound levels around you, stretch.


~Identify what the voice in your head is telling you: If it's negative, figure out why. It might be something as straightforward as you don't like what you're doing or who you're doing it for. If it's usually negative or constantly distracting it might be time to investigate it with a therapist. 


~Change your activity: Take a walk, read a book, call a friend, enjoy a hot bath, play music, or eat something.


I am often asked about the stories of other clients. While I won't share personal details, these fictional, typical clients will give you some idea on the challenges others face and how you can use their experience to improve your own situations. So...



Last month you met therapist Philip, who is moving his home office to a group practice and marrying Sandy.   


This was our first work session after his free initial Vent Visit. We decided to review his completed "homework" and then create a plan for how to manage his two big projects. He happily related that according to his accountant  Carol B, Maple Springs Accounting, our work together would be tax deductible.

  • He also contacted the bookseller. "I got bad and good news. Some books were worth less than I thought, some were worth more."  Philip boxed up those that are saleable and scheduled the bookseller's pick up. We divided the remaining between those to keep and those to donate to his library. He will develop more selective criteria for future book collecting.
  • Philip said he was a little embarrassed to tell Sandy he contracted organizational help, but it seems she's pleased because she felt she ought to help him but didn't really have the time or desire. He said, "I feel relieved to have help and not to bother her with my stuff; she has enough to do." 
  • To define the steps to complete his two big projects of moving to a group practice and marrying Sandy, we created a mind-map and from this created an action plan. 
  • We agreed to begin work in his office. Through the years Philip's filing system had become an overloaded tangle of personal and professional paperwork. To expedite the moving process we used our 3 hour session to create a new filing system:

Drawer 1: Practice

              Patient information

              New practice policies and contracts

              Professional projects such as the article he is writing 


Drawer 2: Personal Business

               Financial (banks, investments, this year's tax support)

               Possession-related (cars, house remodel , insurance, utility) 


Drawer 3: Personal


               Health information






Philip's "homework" will be to  continue to cull his paperwork to only what is currently needed and to store his archives such as tax information and professional journals he feels he still wants. 


Check back next month to compare your projects to Philips' progress. 

Speaking of accountants....
NOW is the time to contact your accountant to review your tax strategies before the year ends.
When we meet at your free Vent Visit: a complimentary copy of Don't Toss My Memories in the Trash-A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move, by Vicki Dellaquila, which is not just for Seniors! 
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