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Are you facing too many options?


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If you feel like you're stuck or losing ground, you may be facing too many options. Being productive requires you to know what you want and need to accomplish the task, the proper tools to work with, and a certain amount of tension to keep your motivation and focus aroused.

That nice feeling of accomplishment comes both during the project because you know you're on track, and afterward because you know you did what you set out to do. 

But inertia and being overwhelmed occur when you aren't sure which direction to go, even if you know what your goal is.  The next time you feel stuck, follow this example to create your step-by-step plan. 

Start with the goal:
10. I need to move my office
9. I can't do that until I decide where to move.
8. I need to know how much money I have to lease an office. 
7. My finances haven't been updated in 6 months.
6. Only my accountant knows for sure.
5. I have to call my accountant.
4. They moved; where's the darn phone number?      
      (See Address Book Tips below.)
3. I could ask the guy down the hall who recommended them.
2. I could just look it up online. 
1. Turn on my computer.

Now, start with Step 1. You've created your work plan!

I am often asked about the stories of other clients. While I won't share personal details, these fictional, typical clients will give you some ideas
on the challenges others face and how you can use their experiences to improve your own situations. So...

 Philip & Sandy engaged

Meet Philip

We all need someone to

help occasionally.

After 25 years of providing therapy services from his home-based office, Philip is facing major changes: he's moving to a shared practice location and marrying Sandy.
He was pleased with these transitions, but felt there was too much to do. His office space, including a book collection of thousands, had to be downsized and moved. His bride would be sharing his home, and his practice was as busy as ever.
He knew he was bordering on being overwhelmed- that energy-sapping, distracting feeling that can paralyze anyone faced with changes, negative or positive.
Then one day Philip's client shared what he had learned at a Mastery workshop. Philip quickly realized he could benefit from the help of someone experienced and objective; it would be faster and easier.
At his free vent visit (see upper left) we decided on a game plan and scheduled a few visits. To expedite the process on his own, he accepted homework assignments:
  • Have a reputable book seller visit to assess his enormous book collection with the intent of selling a portion
  • Consult with his tax advisor about using organizing
    fees as a tax deduction
  • Photograph all areas of the house for two purposes: memory and to email to his adult children to see what they'd like to take

Tune in next month to hear what happened at Philip's
first work session!

Address Book Tips
Losing phone numbers isn't the hassle it was before the internet, but regardless of what method you use, the real trick is to keep it updated
and backed up.

Paper:  Use pencil. Attach one to the book so it's always there. Removable pages are best. You can also make a simple custom book with a binder with blank business card sheets.

Phone: Find out if your provider backs up your data. If not you'll need to keep an electronic or paper list in another place so if you lose your phone you can still access your contact list.

Smart phones: Synch your contacts with Outlook or online with iCloud or Google, depending on  your phone's operating system. provides super instructions for almost anything you may need, including ways to back up your contacts.
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