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Learner's thought:

Contradiction is not a sign of falsity,


nor the lack of contradiction the sign of truth.



Blaise Pascal (died 1662, a French philosopher, mathematician and physicist)




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August 2014
Are you a life-long learner?

Avoid mental inertia,

continue to expand your knowledge

Summer's end often evokes memories of returning to school. One can almost smell the new crayon boxes and feel the excitement of a new school year, the anxiety of unknown classmates, routines and perhaps a little self-doubt that you'll do well. 



The people I coach and interact with are life-long learners. They're  curious, introspective and want to experience positive change. They appreciate the gains that come from examining their beliefs and habits.


As time-strapped adults, learning is often restricted to magazines and news broadcasts. This contributes to the polarizations occurring in politics and relationships.

Even if you don't have enough time to devote to an onsite college class, there are plenty of other time-saving options.  


Looking for quick thought provoking ideas? Intriguing short presentations from a wide range of speakers about 'ideas worth spreading' are posted at Ted Talks.


No cost learning from major universities is freely available online at Coursera or Learn That. Continuing education credits are available for a small fee for some of the courses.


In-person community education classes are often available at community colleges, high schools and libraries. In the Philadelphia area we have two exceptional groups:  Mt Airy Learning Tree  and Main Line School Night.


Investigate the options, master life-long learning, and expand to be the best you can be.


Upcoming classes taught by Leslie Robison:


Mt Airy Learning Tree classes

(Understanding Chronic Disorganization, Time Management, Speed Cleaning, Chestnut Hill area, starts October) 


Main Line School Night class

(3 part Master Your Day, Master Your Life series, Merion High School, starts October)


Mastery Change teleclass series

Bi-weekly teleclasses help you manage your time, space and information. Designed to be taken together, 6 classes start September 9.


Mastery Focus teleclass series

Easy to attend, single subject, 45-minute weekly teleclasses about managing time, space & information, finances and improving communication.


** Mastery Focus: FREE teleclass "Starting Points"  **

Spend just 45 minutes with us on September 9. We will help you pinpoint where you are and plan getting to where you want to be. Email to sign up.  Free short coaching session by December to review your progress.  


Discount  for new or existing coaching clients


15% off any phone session during September. You must mention this coupon for the discount. Looking collaborating with you about what you want to improve in your life.  

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