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August 2013
Are you a hero?
"....where heroic performance has covered for poor design."
Max Carey, Vistage meeting,6/09

Think about it. Do you consider yourself a hero? Able to lift responsibilities like no one else you know? Proud of how much you can accomplish or do for others? Come on, admit it!

Most everyone has a bit of the hero in them, savoring the admiration and thanks of those around them, or setting your personal performance challenge bar even higher. It feels really good to be a help to someone or to know you can stretch your abilities to accomplish even more than you thought.

Go for it!

Don't go for it, though, when you've reached the limit of what you can do and do well. When it's no longer enjoyable, or you or others notice things are not getting done correctly or on time, then consider the quote above. Maybe it's time to rethink and retool what you're doing, how you're doing it and why. Maybe it's not your fault; it just may be time to redesign the way things are done.

What can be changed that's within your control? Hint, it's what you dread starting, never seem to complete, get frustrated about or don't feel any prideĀ in the result.

It starts with noticing yourself. Then a frank conversation with yourself or those around you to analyze what's going on and what changes are possible. Systematic changes take you into entirely new directions and build your challenge muscles, getting you ready to once again be a real hero.

I am often asked about the stories of other clients. While I won't share personal details, these fictional, typical clients will give you some idea on the challenges others face and how you can use their experience to improve your own situations. So...

Meet Natalie, Executive Director (If you don't remember our last client, Phillip, we can email you past issues of Quick Tips)

Natalie Executive Director We met Natalie at a community fund raising event. She is energetic, engaging and passionate about the non-profit educational center she has worked with for 5 years.

During that time the group grew from 3 people in the office to 8 full-time staff members and a large number of volunteers.

When Natalie learned about coaching and organizing services, she dropped her voice and asked for a consultation. She said she was embarrassed to ask, but recently realized she was losing her excitement and energy about her days at work, in part because she felt she was always being reactive to others demands. She longed for the days when she could be proactive about expanding the reach of the organization.

There were some reserves in the budget for training.

We agreed to meet in her office a few weeks later.

Find out what changes were made and what Natalie was reluctant to admit in the next Quick Tips.

Organizing the Office
Having the right tool at the right time makes a big difference. Having the right tool at the right time that you also enjoy using makes an even bigger difference.

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