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 You can't ask questions about what you don't know to ask questions about. But, if you hear yourself say "I ASSUME", then it's a good idea to verify if your assumption is a fact. 




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February 12, 2015

Why are you certain? 


Many people in corporate settings assume their computer desktops are backed up along with the files in their computer and on the network. 

It's an unsafe assumption. 

It came up again this week and upon investigation, it turned out the desktop was NOT backed up. 

If you store frequently used documents on your desktop, it's safer to put a shortcut there instead of the actual file. How?

On a PC, find the file name in your system. Right click and choose "create shortcut" from the menu. 

A new file name will appear with the file name-shortcut. Drag the shortcut to your desktop.  This will eliminate version-confusion and also ensure your files are safe if your computer crashes. 


Too many papers?  Clear off your desk. 

We're going to demonstrate the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner and talk about what to scan and what not to scan. 

Bonus: Bring anything you'd like scanned and a memory stick of at least 500 mb.  

Personality Assessments & Coaching
Strengths can be weaknesses. It's important to know both ends of the spectrum. 

Self assessments lead to better understanding of yourself and how you interact with others, how you operate under stress, why that  person drives you crazy and how to improve communication and teamwork.  

Are you a promoter? Is he a data-centric thinker? Why does he always  take a background role instead of the leadership spot I want him to be in?  Why can't she just sit still?

Give yourself and your team the gift of learning more and working better together with confidential DiSC reports.  
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