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Visions can become reality
with planning & supportive systems

People procrastinate asking for help because it is one more thing to add to an already-overwhelming list of things to do. Others don't know where to start, are concerned about privacy, have trouble staying focused or cannot be objective about their own wants & needs.  Others have financial concerns or are reluctant to start a process they aren't sure they can stay with.

Mastery Coaching & Consulting collaborates easily with you to move from overwhelmed to masterful, one step at a time. Our personal coaching will even help you de-clutter & reorganize your spaces. It's inspiring and fun to pay attention to being your best. Life gets easier.

Personal Coaching

  • Collaborating to help you bridge the gap from where you are, to where you'd rather be
  • Strategy and accountability partnering to keep you on track to success

Organizational Assistance

  • Working with you at your home or office to organize your possessions and information

Consulting, Training & Workshops

  • Improved Outlook Use for Email, Time & Task Management
  • The Ripple Effect: Making Your Workspace Flow
  • Controlling Time & Information Management Effectively
  • Traits of a Master
  • Communication Skills
  • Procrastination: Why We Do & How To Do It Well
  • Adult AD/HD: Making the Best of Diffuse Attention
  • What’s Up with Them? Understanding Chronic Disorganization
  • DISC and other economical online assessment tools add insights that improve communication and cooperation

What sets us apart?
Training, experience, knowledge, ease, referrals to other trusted advisors in the fields of leadership and organizational development, business etiquette, financial and legal issues, change management, project management, international cultural skills, stress reduction, and creating mentally healthy workplaces.



"I am amazed at the improvement in my effectiveness after one consultation with you! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and helping me get to the next level of professionalism. I can’t wait for our next session!"

- M. S-D, Just Born


Mastery Consulting, LLC

Harleysville, PA 19438

Let's talk about
what will work for you!