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Assessments & Quantifying Concerns

Ever wonder why you react consistently to certain types of people? Or maybe you're not communicating well, no matter how hard you try.  Perhaps you feel an employee is better suited to a different position and you want to be more confident you’re on the right track. Or you want to understand how to cope when someone else’s living or working habits conflict with yours.

Having objective assessments about the temperaments, values and interests that fuel a person's actions and behavior patterns fosters better communication and understanding in work and personal relationships.

Objective insight into situations that aren't going well can make a positive difference between making a rash decision with possible unpleasant outcomes and choosing a thoughtful and deliberate strategy.

Fast, confidential, enlightening assessments are available online for you personally, family members and workplace partners. These proven tools add a cost-effective and objective foundation for improved understanding and communication.

Sampling of available assessments:

  • DISC: Behavioral Assessment
  • PIAV: The "why" of one's actions
  • Time P.L.U.S.: Behavior-based time management solutions


"When I talk with you I am able to realize what I did and where I need to go.  I discover what I need to do next and verbalizing it to someone helps bring it forward even though it was probably there all the time."

- A.D.


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